Gledaj Lost Girl - Sezona 2 Epizoda 9 sa Prevodom

Godina: 2010

IMDB Ocena: 7.8

Žanr: Drama, Fantasy,

Režija: Michelle Lovretta,

Broj pregleda: 296

Lost Girl
A night out at the Dal goes awry when an insane trickster spikes the beer with a substance that transfers Bo out of her body – resulting in a ripple effect that finds our regulars inhabiting the skin of their friends, lovers and rivals. Suppressed – and not so suppressed – feelings bubble to the surface, and the brief stays in one another’s bodies gives each surprising insights into the other.
Uloge: Anna Silk, Kris Holden-Ried, Richard Howland, Zoie Palmer, Ksenia Solo, K.C. Collins,

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